Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite authors, unread

It’s a joy to find an author you love, and then discover they have other books out, just waiting to be read. Here are some favored authors with an impressive list of titles that I simply haven’t had time to read yet.

Ten Books to Look Forward to in 2018

It’s what we obsessive readers do — make ever-longer lists of books we want to read. Looking ahead at the publishing calendar next year, here are some titles that have piqued my interest.

BOOK PHOTOS: Medical Muses and Sisters Brothers

So, I thought I might try something a little different.  I’m going to start photographing the books I review with props or in settings that are relevant.  I think it might be a little fun, plus challenge my creativity.  I’m going to try to catch-up just a bit with some past reviews and book covers.…


Long live the Western.  Author Patrick DeWitt brings fresh verve to a classic genre in his new novel.  It is told from the first-person perspective of Eli Sisters, one half of a hired gun team.  They’ve set out to find and kill Hermann Kermit Warm (ironically, the name of a famed art director in early…