A Gift of Time

Snap. A warm glow dies and The room is dusty dark. Liquid specimens peer out From their jars. Creatures freeze mid-pounce. This curious collection, This unusual ark Neatly labeled and sorted. Cases of Marrakech brown And panels of wavy, Worn glass. Fingering the new pocket watch, A gift of brushed trinket gold, He was their…
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Writing Exercise: Character Development

This week, we focused primarily on character development.  Because I so enjoyed the last time I imagined this world, I decided to continue on with it.  I don’t find the writing itself to be as solid, but I do feel I’ve fleshed out her character quite a bit. Surely he wouldn’t dare to make a…
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Writing Exercise - Sounds

So, last night was the first of six weekly writing classes called Sudden Fiction.  Graciously, the classes are free and take place at the Live Oak Public Libraries.  (Just another in an infinitely long list of reasons why libraries are so important and wonderful.)  I met a fun group of writers and I can’t wait…
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