Looking for some web content? Need to plan a social media campaign? Have some articles to assign?

Look no further.


  • Blog posts, pillar pages, web content
  • Advertising, social media, print, press releases
Article writing

  • Research, long-form, interviews
  • Short, snappy, highlights, listicles
  • Travel, local flavor
Website development

  • Site building, page hierarchy, content development
  • Design, visuals, funnels

  • Copy edits for grammar, style, syntax
  • Critiques, proofreading, consistency
Expert analysis

  • Film studies, cinema studies, film history
  • Literature, publishing, readers
  • History, archival research
Social Media

  • Growth, engagement
  • Campaigns, analysis
  • Planning

  • Street photography, local flair
  • Portraits
  • Abstract
Creative writing

  • Essays
  • Novels
  • Serials
  • Columns

  • Books, classics, new releases
  • Films, classic film, genre evolution

Samples of previous work.  Rates available upon request. Contact: info@mwgerard.com

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