REVIEW: Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone

A somewhat estranged family agrees to meet up for a reunion for an odd reason — one of the Cunningham sons is being released from prison. What follows is a thriller with numerous clues, multiple suspects, and of course, a blizzard that traps everyone at the hotel. When everyone is a suspect and no one can escape, time is ticking to find out who the killer is, and what they want. 

THE SNAKES by Sadie Jones

The roadtrip begins with a stop at Bea’s brother’s in Burgundy. Always the schlub of the family, he has been set up as the proprietor of a sagging bed-and-breakfast. In a constant state of (dis)repair, it would seem that Alex has spent more time pretending there have been guests than fixing the place up. The younger generation then prepares for a visit from the parents with dread.