Volume 1
by hitRECord & Joseph Gordon-Levitt
This book is pure joy.  Short, succinct thoughts and ideas with curious and thoughtful illustrations are compiled in this small tome.  But don’t let the size deceive you; as William Blake wrote, “One thought fills immensity.”

Some stories garner a chuckle.  Some make you feel like you’ve been stabbed in the heart.  Others simply remind you to stop and smell the roses.  None are overly sentimental; rather these make up a sort of Poor Richard’s Almanack for modern life.  

It’s a collective of collaborations from hitrecord.org – one you will find yourself visiting over and over. Self-described as: “HITRECORD is an open collaborative production company, and this website iswhere we make things together. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, video editors, animators, illustrators, photographers, photo-shoppers… Wanna work with us? I direct our community in a variety of collaborations. When one of our productions makes money, we split the profits 50/50 between the company and the contributing artists.”

But don’t just take my (or even their) word for it.  Let these “excerpts” speak for themselves. 

I truly can’t wait for volume 2.  And am already skulking around their site, hoping for more modern wisdom with a wry smile.
Many thanks to Joel at !t Books (HarperCollins) for the review copy.
ISBN: 9780062121660
ISBN10: 0062121669
Imprint: It Books
On Sale: 12/6/2011
Format: Hardcover
Trimsize: 4 x 6
Pages: 88; $14.99
Ages: 18 and Up


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