After some very refreshing tea at the Orangery, we took a stroll through Hyde Park and went to Harrod’s (see my previous post).  We then headed off to see Wellington’s Arch.  

We intended to climb it but for some reason it was closed.

Underground station tile
So we went over to the Tate Britain to see the William Blakes.  I got a bit teary. 

These incredible engravings / prints we made in the late 1700s and only found in a used book sale in the 1970s.  They are still very vibrant and moving. 
We wanted to get to the Chelsea Physic Garden before they closed, so we grabbed a cab and headed the northern bank of the Thames. 
Quite an old garden, as you see
It was founded as a garden to grow plants that could be used for medicines.  It eventually morphed into a botanical garden as well, as plant hunters returned with exotic specimens.  Robert Fortune, the man who bought back tea from China (as well as forsythia and rhododendron) served as the chief gardener for a time.  

Many of the garden beds are arranged by category of what they treat.  For example there was a bed for fevers, one for sinuses, etc.  Other portions were dedicated to the various plant hunters (although nothing for Fortune, that I could find). 

It was truly a beautiful little spot in the midst of the city.

And lots of lavender for me to inhale… 
We walked back to Earls Court from Chelsea, with a stop for a snack and cider. 
A building along the way 

So much deliciousness

Can one monger iron?

 Then off to bed…

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