Some might think that Sherlock’s house is the only reason I went to England. It wasn’t the only  but I was positively giddy about it.  
Subway tiles at the Baker Street station

In front of the museum

The museum is set up as though it were Sherlock and Watson’s home.  They each have a bedroom, as does Mrs. Hudson, plus their very famous study.  The upper floors are devoted to the stories themselves and to various fan items.  It’s really great fun and quite “hands-on.”

On the keeping of bees

What Sherlock would have taken with him just before Reichenbach Falls.

Evidence of his shooting skills 

Mrs. Hudson sets a lovely table
In the study

Watson’s desk
Watson’s service revolver and his license to carry

Mrs. Hudson’s room

Prof. James Moriarty
A letter to Sherlock from a child

Being that we were already near Regents Park, we went up to the zoo, which was a little disappointing, actually. 

Baby monkey
Galapagos Tortoise