Today was sadly the last day in Illinois. I stopped to take a picture of my favorite valley between Jewett and Ross’s.

Then we went to the Historical Society Museum and Depot. We go every year, but it is always fun.

We went home for a little rest before the marathon of the demolition derby. Ross took Duncan and then myself on a four-wheeler ride.

While waiting my turn, I sat out in the backyard with Keyser.

I made Rachael drive to the fair so I could snap pictures along the way.

Then it was demo derby time.

This was the first year they added the lawnmower demo derby. It was kind of a funny idea, but it took WAY too long for the last two two duke it out.
Sunset over the grandstand, then fried oreos to go.

And I will have to wait another year, to re-visit this perfect summer idyll.

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