This silly movie is pretty much what you expect from it. James Brolin owns a used car lot but is having trouble moving the merchandise. He brings in a team of ringers to help his clear the stock. Jeremy Piven, Ving Rhames, David Koechner, and Kathryn HahnĀ round out the cast of itinerant hucksters.

There is very little surprising from this comedy. Each character is crass in their own way. They elicit chuckles and a bit of pity for their sad lives but not much happens in their lives. Even the subplot of Piven and the love interest is terribly predictable. What it does have going for it, is a quick pace that rarely lets up. Probably the most brilliant thing the film did was jump into the comedy immediately out of the gate. Within the first 90 seconds, the tone and pace are set before the audience can catch its breath. By keeping the audience in its toes, we aren’t able to notice the rather loose plot or details.

The other rather fun surprise were the cameos that appeared out of the blue. Will Ferrell (who also produced) and Alan Thicke being the most funny.

The Goods is amusing and good for a few laughs. There are a couple of good “take home” lines, and make sure you stay through the credits for a odd but laughable detail. But it is not something you will want to watch over and over. Enjoy it for what it is, but don’t expect more. I have a feeling they weren’t trying to make anything more either.

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