Conrad Aiken & Savannah

Before Conrad Aiken was the U.S. Poet Laureate or the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, the Bollingen Prize, the National Book Award, the National Institute of Arts and Letters Gold Medal, and the National Medal for Literature, he was a young boy growing up on Oglethorpe Avenue in Savannah, Ga.


This madcap Victorian adventure is hysterical from beginning to end. Third rate poet Lionel Savage has been unhappy since getting married. Though he fell hard for his beautiful and vivacious wife, marital life just doesn’t seem to be working for them. She has become aloof and he can no longer find inspiration. This book is both snort-out-loud funny and tickle-your-brain funny. Plus, it’s an entertaining¬†adventure.

A Gift of Time

Snap. A warm glow dies and The room is dusty dark. Liquid specimens peer out From their jars. Creatures freeze mid-pounce. This curious collection, This unusual ark Neatly labeled and sorted. Cases of Marrakech brown And panels of wavy, Worn glass. Fingering the new pocket watch, A gift of brushed trinket gold, He was their…

Books for an equinox season

Like a rider at the top of a roller coaster’s first hill,¬†our planet sits on the pinnacle of light and darkness, before plunging headlong into the next season. Summer is on its way, but before it arrives, we have a moment to look out over what awaits. RHETORIC & POETRY Is there anything more stereotypically…