I simply adored Bath.  The size of the town was just big enough without being overwhelming.  It was very picturesque and immaculate.  

A Jane Austen museum.  Jane lived in Bath for about 5 years.  

A very cool shop called “Found”. 

At William Herschel’s home.  His telescope lens-grinder. He discovered Uranus, the infrared light spectrum and numerous comets.  His sister Caroline discovered many celestial bodies as well.
The Bath Postal Museum is fantastic! So much fun here.

Old Pultney Bridge.  Shops line either side of the bridge (the only other one in the world is the Ponte Vecchio in Florence).

Parade grounds, at the Avon River’s edge.
Bath is known for the 2000-year old healing baths built by the Romans.  A great deal of the structure remains and the baths themselves were used up into the early 20th century.  A natural hot spring feeds the baths and the water was thought to have restorative properties.  

An original lead pipe, laid by the Romans.