Welcome to Armchair Book Expo. I’m pleased to be participating for the sixth seventh year! Holey cow! You can view my past introductions and posts for this annual event here. Now, onto this year’s questions…

I am . . . a cruciverbalist, theic and cryptozoologist.

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Currently . . . I’m trying to finish a novel I’ve had in the works since NaNoWriMo 2012. I keep getting stuck on how I want it to end. Is the antagonist a good guy or a bad guy?


My summer plans . . . include going on a little getaway to watch the solar eclipse in August.

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My buddy . . . is my Golden Retriever, Archie. It’s true what they say about rescues actually rescuing you. Also, he wears a bow tie.

The best . . . is a rainy day, a warm cat, a cup of good tea and a big fat book.

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23 thoughts on “Armchair Book Expo: Introductions”

  1. Your dog looks adorable!

    And seeing the solar eclipse sounds amazing. I’m actually moving this summer, otherwise I would live close enough that driving to see it would be pretty easy. I wish I could.

  2. My parents are traveling to watch the eclipse this summer, too. I told my mom she should go to the car henge in Nebraska – apparently it’s going to line up with the eclipse!

    1. Thanks! Seems I’m always stuck at work when it’s raining. The reading weather really needs to get itself together. Ha!

    1. You should go! I have family in Southern Illinois, near Cameo Vineyards. It’s beautiful country and I’m sure would be great viewing. We are going to Charleston, SC.

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