PengClassShakesThese beautiful pieces appeared on Penguin Classics’ twitter feed and lots of nerds (like me) begin having nerdy arguments about which play they represented. See the comments on the left and feel free to weigh in.

Outlandish Lit is hosting a Weirdathon. It’s going to be…odd.

It’s the end of an era, both for the British aristocracy and Masterpiece viewers. Downton Abbey concludes its six-year run this weekend.

Some of these tweets are real. Some are not. Can you tell which is which? Also, has anyone ever seen Kayne and Trump in the room at the same time? Just saying…

There is an Instagram account┬áthat only chronicles the patient men in the world who are forced to go shopping. It’s sweet, sad and hilarious.

This guy got a call from IRS scam artists who were less than artistic. So he wrote about it and gave everyone their phone number (mild swearing).