Photo: © Peter Vanderwarker.
Photo: © Peter Vanderwarker.

In 1561, the good burghers of Germany thought they saw aliens.

What the FBI is naming its WiFi hotspots these days.

There may not be much good news coming out of Michigan these days, but for National Libraries Week, take a look inside the 150-year old Detroit Public Library.

I can’t decide if Horsey McHorseface is endearing or worrisome. I thought the Brits were supposed to save cultural civilization…

If you need to distract yourself from the fact that it’s Tax Day, just remember that one of the most tragic disasters of the 20th century happened today.

You know those annoying, inflatable waving guys? They have an origin story.

Look at all the pretty colors….

Are you #TeamInky or #TeamBlotchy?

One thought on “Weekly Wrap-up: April 15”

  1. I vote endearing on Horsey McHorseface. I also am not depending on Britain to save the culture. I’m . . . . not actually sure who I’m counting on to save the culture. Hopefully a plurality of nations will come up with enough awesome stuff that we get to keep on having nice things.

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