We met up with some dear friends who live in England, not too far from Bath.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner together, catching up and then they picked us up the morning of the 26th to take us around Somerset.  Not only was it fantastic spending time with them, we saw more of the countryside than we ever could have since we had no car of our own.  
First stop, Wells.  It is the smallest city in England (to be considered a city, one must have a cathedral, which it does).  It was also where the very funny film Hot Fuzz was shot.  It is simply beautiful there, particularly Bishop’s Palace and Gardens.

Fresh spring water bubbles up into a pond, which is then directed to a fountain in the main square, for all the people to use.  The unused water then flows down the hill, on the sides of the streets, keeping everything clean.  

We also checked out Vicar’s Close, the oldest continually lived-in buildings in the UK.  So charming, it is easy to see why!

After a pint and a snack, we headed off to Glastonbury.  The town itself, though attractive, was completely overrun by those convinced that King Arthur was real, shall we say.  Leaving the town center behind, we climbed the famous Tor.  It afforded a view of the glorious countryside.

And since we spent little time in Glastonbury, we hit the road for Salisbury Plain and saw Stonehenge.  We were fairly close and it seemed silly to miss it. 

Behold the magic bunny in the center… 
Then back to Bath for some delicious Indian food at the Eastern Eye and a pint at The Raven (which became a favorite hang-out of ours).