It’s gotta be bad if I actually AVOID a book. But there are things that make me want to put a title down and back away slowly.

Bad spelling / grammar

If you can’t manage to spell check and proofread the jacket copy, what hope does the rest of the book have? No. I have other things to read.

Really bad photoshop / design on cover

This is kind of in line with the first one. If the publisher didn’t take the time to find a professional (even a student or a new designer starting out!) to design a cover, then I don’t have time to read it.

Useless characters

Sometimes these aren’t obvious until you get into the book but I cannot stand stories where the people are completely useless. Flawed, sure. But they need to at least try to do something about their situation.

Present tense novels

This is so very difficult to do well and I can think of only one time I made it through a book that used it. I don’t like it.

Stupid premises

No, I am not going to join you on a journey to Zebrith-3 solar system with a band of space Amish and their pet boa constrictors. Stop it.

Just no on this use of “design.”

The Untold Story of …

I get the draw of these and I admit I’m often intrigued by the premise too, but it is SO hard to do well. I once tried to a read a book from Rebecca’s point-of view (Daphne Du Maurier’s classic) and I made it about six pages. It was dreadful. Unless you are an actual genius AND a good writer, just don’t.

If everyone says I have to read it

I will probably hate it. Also, don’t tell me what to do.

If the author comes out with more than one book a year

I will probably hate it. I also don’t believe you.

Ok, so I gnashed my teeth more than I expected, but what annoys you in a book?


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Will Make Me Avoid a Book”

  1. I avoid like the plague any book in which a heroine is identified as red-haired and green-eyed within the first 5 pages. This rule has served me well.

    Similar to The Untold Story of … most books with titles like The Caretaker’s (Ship Captain’s/Astronaut’s/Chief’s/Explorer’s/Famous Writer’s/Famous Artist’s/Famous Chef’s etc.) Wife. Such books can, actually, be quite interesting — but the marketing ploy is misleading, irritating, and condescending. Grrrrrr.

    1. Ha! Yes, the wife / sister / mistress trope is so annoying! I actually really liked “The Star-Gazer’s Sister” but not that title!

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