Some books just beg to be read by the fire or with a snow-filled window nearby. Here are a few of my favorite winter reads.

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A Gentleman in Moscow

Is there anything more cosy than a classic hotel filled with delightful characters, and in a chilly Russian city? My review.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

A witch who makes it always winter and never Christmas. A snowy forest. Frozen characters. Piping hot Turkish Delight (yuck).

The Teahouse Detective

A delightful series of armchair detective short stories featuring a nameless old man and a young journalist who chat in a tea shop.

The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

An amazing collection of vintage crime with a yuletide spirit. From Victorian classics to hard-boiled pulp, there is something for everyone. My review.

The Captain of the Pole-Star

A lesser-known story by Sherlock creator Arthur Conan Doyle. Inspired by his own travels to the Arctic, it’s a strange psychological adventure.


The masterful frame story starts and ends on the Arctic ice. That and the fact that it was written during the year without a summer make it perfect for a warm night in.

The Winter People

One of the scariest books I’ve ever read and yet I couldn’t put it down. Watch out for mysterious footprints in the snow and things hidden in the floorboards.

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

It’s a Sherlock and Watson Christmas tale with a great twist and hilarious dialogue. It’s one of my favorites for its humor and sprightly pace.


Mind of Winter

This is a brilliant, searingly creepy, psychological thriller — reminiscent of A Rose for Emily. The narrator, Holly, is a wife and mother, preparing for a perfect Christmas Day. But something followed them home. My review.

Holidays on Ice

A now-classic short memoir from humorist David Sedaris. I will always laugh at his antics as Crumpet the Elf. Listen to an excerpt read by the author.

C What do you like to read during the holidays or winter? F


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Season’s Readings”

  1. I don’t really read this genre, I am impressed by the existence of The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries. It looks like such a treasure for people who do! (not to mention a lot of bang for your buck)

  2. A really cute newer title, Top Elf by Caleb Huett, is a super fun read aloud for the holidays. It has 24 chapters so if you start December 1st, you finish Christmas Eve. My husband and I read it to each other last Christmas and had a great time.

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