This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is bookish worlds we’d want to live in, or at least visit. Since I have spent most of my life imagining other worlds, this should be a cinch.

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I read the Narnia books at a fairly young age and was absolutely enchanted by it. In the first two, I wanted to be Susan – a fierce, headstrong archer.

P.G. Wodehouse’s England

What I wouldn’t give for a long weekend with Bertie Wooster, Reginald Jeeves, Honoria Glossop, Gussie Finknottle and all the rest. The house and clothes alone would be worth the hysteria.


Thursday Next’s England

There’s plenty of bad stuff, but I would enjoy the technology of being about to enter works of literature, defy the space/time continuum, and have a pet dodo. *plock plock*

Circe’s island of Aiaia

So you mean I get to live on an island in a really nice house and if people bother me I can smite them? Sign me up. For a punishment, it doesn’t sound half bad.


Can I just have the nice house without the horrible Mrs. Danvers? Is it okay if she just mysteriously falls off a cliff? I will have that place shipshape in no time and Rebecca’s cousin can just shove off. 

The Hound by Sidney Paget

Dartmoor, 1901

So here begins my list of settings I’d like to visit but not be stuck in for all time, I think. I would want to be there for Sherlock and Watson’s unraveling of The Hound of the Baskervilles. I just don’t want to stay on the moors at the turn-of-the-century, thanks.

*Side note: I really want to start the phrase “Great Grimpen Mire!” as a exaltation of surprise.

Hotel Metropol, Moscow

I’d like to have tea and perhaps a game of chess with Count Rostov from A Gentleman in Moscow. He is delightful and creative, despite his predicament and hotel itself seems simple beautiful. 

Fandorin’s Russia

Just for a day, I’d like to shadow Erast Fandorin on one of his investigations in imperialist Russia. Riding in fancy carriages, visiting royal palaces, all while solving crimes sounds exciting but I wouldn’t want to live there. 

The Kopp Sisters’ neighborhood

Real-life sisters who fought back against criminals in the early 1900s, I would like to hang out with these fearless ladies. Constance Kopp even became a deputy sheriff in her county. 

Belle Epoque, Paris

I really don’t want to live there, but I would like to see it for a few days — and nights. The clothes, the opera, the music, the art. So, let us say a visit to Au Bonheur des Dames (The Ladies’ Delight) by Emile Zola.

What literary setting do you want to live in — or at least stop by for a visit? 


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  1. Narnia is always a good choice! I really loved Susan’s character too. I’ve never heard of the other books that you mentioned, but I love your descriptions of why you’d want to live there.

    This is my top ten tuesday!

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