The Friday 56 challenges readers to share what they are reading by choosing a few sentences on page 56 of their current book. 


She took letters out of the desk and put them in the case as well, and photographs too. Then she closed the suitcase and pushed it back under the bed.

She sat down in her armchair. Had she forgotten anything?

The lute. She took the instrument off the wall and placed it beside the suitcase. There, now she was ready for anything.

Auntie poured herself a peppermint liqueur.

A single car drove fast along the road to Mitkau, followed by other cars and finally by trucks. Then came tanks, one after another, making the glass beads on the lampshade jingle. Then it was silent again.

I’m about halfway through All for Nothing and it is creepy and atmospheric. Set in early winter 1945, a formerly aristocratic family tries to decide how they will survive as the reich begins to crumble and the Soviets advance on their town.

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