A Creature of Our Own Making [31 Days of Halloween – October 26]

The novel Frankenstein is many things – the birth of science fiction, a study in Romantic philosophy, a Gothic horror story – but it is also a reminder that the things that terrorize us most are often a reflection of our own obsessions.

Top Ten Tuesday: Nonfiction on my TBR

Ten Nonfiction Books That I’ve Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List
noun | non·fic·tion | \ˌnän-ˈfik-shən\ | writing or cinema that is about facts and real events


In the muddy, soot-blackened days of early Manhattan, a tiny cabal of scientists pushes for the advancement of medicine and anatomical understanding. A smaller group runs a dangerous underground business in procuring dead bodies. And the general public is disgusted by them all. Walt Whitman, cub reporter for the Aurora newspaper is both friend to the…

Books for September

  Somehow, it is already September. Soon, clocks will turn back and afternoons will turn into night even sooner. Throw blankets will become part of the household wardrobe and a warm mug of tea a necessity. Here are some titles to help you ignore the dying of the light.  DR. MüTTER’S MARVELS BY Cristin O’Keefe…