Boston in 36 hours

Boston is one of my favorite cities. Having lived in New England a good part of my childhood, many hours were spent visiting its many historical sites, great restaurants and shops, and sports cathedrals.


The noble dead, the Lost Generation as Gertrude Stein called them. An entire swath of the population was killed in WWI, followed by the deadly Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918. Death was everywhere. And in the midst of all the mourning, some wise people sought hope. Theosophists and Spiritualists sought to prove that there was merely a thin veil between this world and the next, and those who were willing to listen could speak to the spirits from beyond.

ACCENT: RARE OBJECTS by Kathleen Tessaro

Forgery, fake, reproduction, refurbished or genuine — and can you prove provenance? In the antiquities market, the veracity of an item is paramount. And being able to prove its story brings more value. Maeve Fanning, an Irish redhead in early 1930s Boston, remakes herself into blond socialite in order to land a job in a…

BOOKS for April

  Spring is coming slowly this year. It is creeping back from the brink of a brutal, snowy winter. But it is coming. And with it are several interesting titles to read as you sit defiantly on your porch, no matter how chilly it still is.   WILDERNESS OF RUIN by Roseanne Montillo   A…