Ruth Hussey’s first film was released in 1937. Her early roles were often as the girlfriend in romantic comedies. But she made her mark as magazine photographer Elizabeth Imbrie in The Philadelphia Story in 1940. She is snappy, snarky, all-knowing, and the perfect contrast to the erratic Katherine Hepburn. Audiences and the Academy agreed — she was nominated for the supporting actress Oscar. 

Ruth Hussey in The Philadelphia Story (1940)

Hussey had a no-nonsense aspect to her that made many of her characters feel grounded and realistic.  She brings it to bear in The Uninvited (1944), a film about a brother and sister who buy a haunted (?) house. It’s beautifully shot with an atypical ending.

Important decisions have to be made quickly. – Pamela Fitzgerald (Ruth Hussey)

Ruth Hussey with Ray Milland in The Uninvited (1944)

Luckily, TCM will be screening both of those on August 2. Plan to tune in. 

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