Rachel Savernake is the daughter of a judge, ridiculously wealthy, slightly bored, and smart as a whip. In other words, she has all the qualities of a Bright Young Thing ready to solve mysteries. And in Martin Edwards’ series of books, we get to hold on tight and go along for the ride. Both of these titles have meandering plots but they are fun reads.

Rachel Savernake is lured into the Yorkshire moors to solve a 400-year old mystery, one that has just repeated itself. James I has just ascending to the throne, after decades of Elizabeth I’s stable rule. A man walks into the gatehouse at the manor and disappears. It is a story often repeated in whispers in the village.

In 1930, the gatehouse has been let for the first time in history. And then the tenant disappears in the same way. Rachel decides she will rent the gatehouse and conduct her own investigation, with the help of her friend and reporter Jacob Flint. The solution lies somewhere at the crossroads of Jacobean history, a local sanitarium, and a (fraudulent?) medium.

But you relied on invention.”

“Isn’t the same true of Austen and Dickens?” she demanded. “Fiction supplies a gift of happiness when cruel reality drives us to despair. Even self-destruction.” ~Loc.4084

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Book 3 of the Rachel Savernake Series
Publisher: ‎Head of Zeus — an Aries Book (December 1, 2022)
Language: English
Hardcover: ‎448 pages
ISBN-10: ‎1801100209

As part of the wealthy upper class, and a fan of Surrealism, Rachel Savernake is invited to a gallery showing of a hip new installation. The immersive show features live models pretending to be wax figures of famous criminals (and victims). It’s a sort of living Madame Tussaud’s. And the guestlist is a bit confusing. Rachael can’t figure out why the various people have come — until the artist confides that she thinks she is about to be murdered, and she wants Rachel to solve it. A few minutes later, the artist is beheaded in her re-enactment of the execution of Marie Antoinette.

Also in attendance is Rachel’s friend and newspaper reporter Jacob Flint. The two team up to solve the crime (if it was one) and figure out who wanted the artist dead. It’s a twisty case, with some look-alikes, mistaken victims, and adventures that would otherwise be inappropriate for a woman of class.

Rachel pressed the stop button and the lift came to a halt, she put the pistol back in her bag and ripped the dinner menu from its slot. … Down in the ballroom, the bandleader was all smiles, acknowledging he applause, from the crowd. She kicked off her high heels and threw first one show then the other at the lamps in the ceiling. her aim was true. … With a graceful movement, she tossed the burning menu over the railing and screamed again. ~Loc. 2052

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Book 4 of the Rachel Savernake Series
Format: 448 pages, Hardcover
Publisher Head of Zeus — an Aries Book (May 11, 2023)
ISBN: 9781801100250
Language: English