I recently won a copy of this book from The Book Studio, a great site with tons of interviews and contests.  If you like books at all, make sure you check their site often.  I had sort of forgotten about it until it arrived in the mail yesterday.  Within two hours I had finished it.  Granted, the truncated language of the first-person narrator made that task a little easier.  But I couldn’t put it down.  I stood over my grill, cooking dinner, with the book in my hand.  
First-time novelist Barry Smith is a finance professor at the University of Kansas.  By day.  By night, he has imagined a sadistic yet sympathetic character who wants nothing more than to be recognized as the brilliant writer that he is.  Milo crosses the line once, then finds it is easier to cross each time — especially when literary fame lies just on the other side.  Like all struggling writers, he dreads the rejection letters that fill his mailbox.  Tired of facing the disappointment, he stacks his manuscripts in a closet and takes a job as a ghostwriter.  Then he begins to make ghosts of his own.
It is dark, funny, compelling and is a truly original voice in the noise of shoddy thrillers.  Kudos to Inkwater Press for championing this one.  Read more about Only Milo here.

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