Our first stop this day was the Tower of London.  Noted for two very different things: The place where several of Henry the 8th’s wives were imprisoned and beheaded (as well as other royals) and where the British Crown Jewels are kept and on display.  Photography of the jewels is not allowed and some of the other rooms are too dim for any good pictures.  Still there is at least 1000 years of turbulent history in these walls.  *shiver*

The White Tower

A very friendly Yeoman, despite his dour look

One of the Ravens of the Tower of London. As long as there are ravens, the empire will stand.

Then it was just a quick jaunt up some steps to the Tower Bridge. 

We grabbed a bite to eat at Dean Swifts in Southwark and headed over to the Herb Garret and Old Operating Theatre.  It is in the attic of a church and is accessed by climbing a narrow spiral staircase.  So cool!

And from early medicine to an old cemetery.  You might recognize the Brompton Cemetery from Sherlock Holmes (2009). Believe it or not, we didn’t know before we went, but it was quite obvious once we reach the far end. Quite a fun discovery!