I have been working for several months on an app that I hope you will be the first to download.  It is still new, so there may be some glitches, which I hope you will let me know about so I can fix.

The Problem:

You’re out with the guys, or in the middle of a great poker game.  The wife calls or texts you.  “When are you coming home?”  “Why are you out so late?” “Can you pick up diapers on the way home?”  You love her, but sometimes the interruptions just throw you off your game, not to mention the ribbing you take from the guys.

The Solution:


This fully-customizable app allows you to duck and dodge these interfering messages from the lady at home.  You can:

  • Delay incoming text messages a specified interval of time.  This app will time stamp them so you can show her that the text didn’t come in until it was too late.  
  • Prevent incoming text messages entirely, until you reinstate it.  This app will rewrite the message stream to back this up.  You can also set it to populate the stream of messages at a later time.
  • Temporary block calls from her number.
  • Erase “emoticons”
  • For an additional fee, WifeBlocker will also create error messages in your text message stream that show the network was down at the time she called and / or texted you.

The app also has a cloaking device which changes into an innocuous program when it is enabled.

Please visit the app page located in the Apple Store.  I hope you will give it a try!