I don’t think I can overstate how much I adore these two on screen. Audiences at the time agreed — the two made 14 films together. Each had fantastic careers in their own right but there is something joyous in watching them play off one another.

They were urbane, witty, classy, silly — and boy, did they clean up good.

Aside from the iconic Thin Man series, I highlighted some of my favorite Myrna Loy and William Powell pairings for DVD Netflix.

When we did a scene together, we forgot about technique, camera angles, and microphones. We weren’t acting. We were just two people in perfect harmony.… The Thin Man would never have been the success it was without her…. she became every man’s dream of what a wife should be: beautiful and glamorous with a sense of humor, provocative and feminine without being saccharine or sharp, a perfect gal who never lost her temper, jumped at conclusions, or nagged a guy. Men-Must-Marry-Myrna Clubs were formed. Jimmy Stewart said, ‘I shall only marry Myrna Loy,’ while women wept.

~ William Powell on Myrna Loy

I never enjoyed work more than with Bill. He was a brilliant actor, a delightful companion, a great friend, and above all, a true gentleman.”

~ Myrna Loy on William Powell

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