Last week, we evacuated for Hurricane Matthew.

We had six people and four dogs. A few hours later we were safely in a musty-smelling hotel room in a city we didn’t know. We ended up being there for five days, obsessively checking our feeds for any information about home.

We were lucky. We came back to a messy but mostly intact city. Our house was ok, as were our neighbors’. It was still a bit before we got power restored (and we still do not have cable/internet) but we didn’t have the unsettling water issues that some communities faced.

I read very little on this mandatory adventure. And we are still not living in our own home as construction was halted by the severe weather. I am beyond exhausted, with no mental fortitude left. I have a scraped up face due to a run in with some debris.

I feel like some sort of a wraith, wandering aimlessly, devoid of any real purpose. I know, it sounds dramatic and I know intellectually that it’s not true. But it is how it feels.

I hope to get back to reading and reviewing soon. I hope I find some perspective and meaning soon and get through these last couple of weeks until I can move back home.

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