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I have TWO copies available for this title, which I reviewed here.

Description from the publisher:

Unlike the conventional cradle to grave biography, THE REAL JANE AUSTEN focuses on a variety of key moments, scenes, and objects in both the life and work of Jane Austen. As described in The New York Times Book Review, “In THE REAL JANE AUSTEN: A Life in Small Things, Paula Byrne trades rigid chronology for an object-based approach, conjuring the author’s world through chapters on ‘thematic’ articles like an East Indian shawl, an ivory miniature and crimson velvet cushions.”

NPR’s All Things Considered describes THE REAL JANE AUSTEN as “a dynamic new biography in which Austen lives and breathes. She’s not some remote, chilly spinster, but a fun-loving woman with an enormous family, almost all of whom get reinvented on the page.”


To win, follow these steps:

1. Leave your first name and email in the comments below — i.e. Meaghan, info [at] mwgerard [dot] com.  This is the email I will use to contact you if you are one of the two winners.

2. Tell me (and others) why you love Jane Austen.  It could be a favorite book, or a favorite character or just a fun fact about her.

2b. (Optional, earns extra entry for each posting) Tell fellow Janeites about this giveaway.  Tag with @cineastesview and #Austen.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO RESIDENTS WITH A MAILING ADDRESS IN THE CONTINENTAL US.  Contest is open until Monday, January 13 at 6 p.m. EST.  Winners will be contacted for their mailing address and will receive the book directly from the publisher (Thanks, Carolyn!).



  1. What I love most about Jane Austen is her criticism for her time period. She is wonderfully sarcastic about English propriety. I think that is why Northanger Abbey is my favorite book, and Mr. Tilney is my favorite hero. “Now I must give one smirk, and then we may be rational again.” 🙂

  2. I love Jane Austen because she so accurately describes human nature! No matter the situation there is almost always a Jane Austen quote that applies – and most likely makes me laugh. I guess my question would be what is there NOT to like about Jane Austen? She understood the vagaries and difficulties of life and seems to have refused to have been mastered by them. I believe she was as admirable a heroine as any to be found in her novels!

  3. Hi, I’m Hillary and I’m a new Austen fan! This past year I challenged myself to read the first three of her novels and I fell in love. I don’t know what it is about her but I enjoyed and found each one worthwhile. I think Sense and Sensibility so far is my favorite but I am reading Emma now and it might be the new favorite when I finish it. I’m hoping to read her last three books this year and then maybe try some of her letters and unfinished works. Thanks for having this awesome giveaway! My email is ahorseandacarrot[at]gmail[dot]com.

  4. As a voracious reader, I love Jane Austen for her novels as well as the literary legacy she has left behind. I love a good cozy novel, and most all my modern day favorite authors cite her as a major influence on their work.

  5. How do I love Jane? Let me count the ways. Nah, that would take way too long. When I was younger I loved her because I knew, when turning to a Jane Austen book that, no matter how bad things got in the middle for our dear heroine, it would always be okay in the end, and she’d win her true love after all. As I got older I grew to appreciate all her many subtleties, her wicked humor, her veiled but no-less effective satire, her cynicism, but at the same time her optimism. Pride and Prejudice was my old favorite, but I’ve come to look to Persuasion now as a better embodiment of her work (and that letter from Captain Wentworth still kills me every time – I have a print on my wall which says “I am half agony, half hope.”)

  6. Yay giveaway! I love how Austen went against societal expectations to follow her dreams and turn them into reality. I’ve been to her Chawton home and the museum in Bath and continue to learn more and more about her with every book I read and place I visit. She was truly a fascinating and inspiring human being despite her seemingly common upbringing. My favorite book is Persuasion. I won’t write a novel to explain why, but my blog has a review. Thanks again for the giveaway! My email is lostgenerationreader[at]gmail[dot]com. I shared this on Twitter. Cheers!

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