I have adored Thursday Next ever since she burst onto bookshelves everywhere (and in every dimension).  For me, there was finally a heroine for nerdy, literary, smart young women – like me.  Or, like I want to be.

Thanks to the generous people at Viking, I am happy to announce I have copy of the latest installment, THE WOMAN WHO DIED A LOT, for you to win!

All you have to do is leave a comment with:

1) Your name (first is fine)
2) Your email address (“name [at] domain dot com” to prevent spam)
3) What book you would want Thursday Next to take you into?
4) Share this giveaway with your friends and followers on FB and/or Twitter.  {Tag me @cineastesview}
* US Only, please.  Contest open until 10/10/12, 7:00pm EST *

This giveaway is now over.  Congratulations to Audra!  Thank you for entering.

This service has been brought to you by the Goliath Corporation, reminding you to eat your toast every day.



  1. I would LOVE a copy of this. I want to say I want Thursday to take me into her own books (especially the Well of Lost Plots) but that sort of seems like cheating. Or at least very meta. Still that would be amazing. But if I’m going with a non-TN book perhaps something by Christopher Moore. Lamb would be fun cos I’d get to meet Jesus and Biff. Or to stick with Jasper Fforde, maybe check out Shades of Grey and see what Chromatacia looks like. So many choices!

  2. Shamefully, I’ve not yet read ANY of these books — I’m not sure how that happened but there ya go! Thank you for the giveaway — trying to pick the book I’d like to visit is tough. Rebecca, so I can stroll Manderley? Any Marguerite Henry book so I could be a 12-year old horse-obsessed girl again? Something seedy, something sexy? Choices, choices!

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