lunar surface
Surface of the moon. From Apollo 11 archives.

The moon. Its influence is unavoidable. For thousands of years, its cycle marked the passage of time for our ancestors. Its gravity pulls the tides from 234,000 miles away. It’s on coats of arms, influenced kings, marked planting seasons, and governed zodiacs. It even inspired the term “lunacy.” Fifty years ago, humans finally touched down on the silvery, glowing orb that inspired thousands of poets, musicians, lovers, painters, and wanderers.

From a Bronze Age disc to Romantic era paintings to intricate models of its topography to the recent release of Apollo 11 onboard recordings and photos, a half a century later, the accomplishment of the moon landing is still awe-inspiring.

Celebrate the anniversary of this monumental achievement with a variety of lunar films from DVD Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Films for Apollo50”

  1. We watched a PBS special last night. Amazing that some believe it was a hoax. I miss the space program. What an adventure! Thank you for the other suggestions.

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