Today was the first real day of the fair. We tried to get there early enough to see the llama show but the fair book printed the schedule incorrectly. So we took a few minutes to check out the various barns.

The cow just licked Duncan.

All the thoroughbred races were combined into one day this year. It made it a longer day of racing but I by the end of the week I was ready for more riding races. Here are some shots from the races, including the Cumberland County Derby, part of the National Road Triple Crown.

To kill some time between the end of the races and the beginning of the tractor pull, we checked out the barns to see what everyone else brought in to be judged.

It was then we noticed a new addition to the regular midway offerings. There was a “musuem” that was charging $1 to see various war artifacts. It looked a bit suspicious and then we found out that they had “raised” money for Relay for Life last month but never gave it to the organization. So we decided not to let our curiosity get the best of us.

Then it was time for the tractor pull (the first of 3 nights). We like the first class best, the antique tractors. It’s the best because they are actually tractors that do real work, but can also haul very well. Our favorite brand won again: Minneapolis-Moline.

Then before leaving, we stopped to take some pictures of the carnival rides…

… and Duncan got a fried Snickers bar.

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