We arrived late in the evening on Saturday after a very easy trip. Driving long distances apparently gets easier as you get older. My cousin Ross graciously put us up again. And after a happy reunion with Keyser the dog, we went to bed and slept well. It’s been in the low 60s at night, a much refreshing change from Savannah.

I woke up feeling rested, ate some cereal with the dog and headed out to the chicken barn, where I had taken so many interesting pictures last year. A second visit turned up new treasures, that had also been left to rot by their owners. Very frustrating, but I got some shots.

Then we went to Bob & Gail’s to collect entries for the fair. Rachael had several art entries, and we helped bring in some veggies from the garden. There was one particular tomato plant that produced nothing but mutant tomatoes, so we go the 3 best ones of those and entered them as well.

We sat down for a delicious lunch at Gail’s table before heading down to the fairgrounds to enter the items.
The fair was already beginning to take shape. The midway rides were in place, and looked much newer than before. There had been some talk of hiring a different company and it looks like they did. We stood in the fair office and listed off our categories, got a huge pile of tags and began the task of matching the tags with the entries. Then the lovely ladies who run the halls helped us put them where they needed to go.
We then stopped at Grissom’s orchard to pick up a box of peaches and a big of apples to enjoy this week. They were delicious. The evening ended with Ross grilled great burgers, then lyingon the deck and watching shooting stars.

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