August 19, 2012

Yesterday was spent in the car, driving nearly 800 miles from Savannah, GA to Greenup, IL.  This morning I awoke early to the sound of … nothing.  I suppose if I had listened carefully I could have identified small songbirds or a few crickets.  My cousin cooked us all a delicious hearty breakfast, then I began reading a new book on his deck.

A bit before noon we headed down to the fairgrounds to watch the 4H Horse and Pony Show.  Kids of various ages bring their equine to be judged on health and obedience as well as ridership.

We then went to the Fair Secretary’s Office and submitted our various entries for the Art and Ag Halls.  I entered 11 photographs, but my cousin Rachael must have had 50!  We grabbed some delicious lunch from the Smoke Shack then settled in for the trail portion of the event.  The kids have to get their horses to go backwards around barrels, on wooden platforms and over timbers.

My aunt Gail’s entry for a “Collection of 10 vegetables”. This one is inspired by this year’s drought.

On the way home from the fair, we stopped to check in on a friend who is taking apart an old barn.  This barn has stood across the road from my aunt and uncle’s house for as long as I can remember, and before that.  It’s very strange to see a memory being dismantled.

We enjoyed a lovely sunset before grilling out then playing dominoes under the stars.


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