We piled in the car to go to Moonshine for lunch. On the way, we stopped in at the hardware store. Steve asked me to show him the grain elevator that I had shot the day before and we went for a little walk. Then he pulled out a little box and proposed.

So newly engaged, we still went to Moonshine for burgers and Boylan’s soda.

On the way back from Moonshine, we stopped a junkyard/car repair place to take pictures, especially of the very cool vintage fire truck.

We stopped by the fair to see who had won ribbons. And catch some more harness racing. Grandad set it up with Stan Hosapple so we could ride in the start car.

We decided to forego the third night of tractor pull. We stopped at the Green’s excellent garden to collect supplies and I made dinner. Rachael drove and I snapped some pictures from the car.

Dinner while watching sunset over the corn.

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