August 23, 2012

Today was blissfully uneventful, really.  We drove my cousin to Effingham to pick up his truck from an oil change, and after a lunch at Steak n’ Shake, we headed back to the farm. I spent a good amount of time in a chair reading.

PG Wodehouse is always a favorite and I’m so glad I grabbed this one from the library before I left (thanks, Live Oak Public Libraries!).

We decided to eat dinner at the fair and I opted for Taco In A Bag.  Then we skeptically took our seats for the evening concert.  The line up had 4 acts: Madison Bolin (19 and from a few miles away), Mia Bergmann (14 and from NJ), Jo Caine and headliner Colt Ford.  Ironically the local girl was the best — she could sing even if she wasn’t polished.  Mia sang pretty well but the machine has gotten ahold of her — and her sound guy was dreadful.  After that it became some weird hybrid of very loud, muddy country rap.

Madison Bolin
Mia Bergmann
Jo Caine
Colt Ford

I had quickly “had enough” and went to take photos of the fair rides in action.

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