Yes, I’m obsessed with Sherlock.  In almost all of his iterations.

When my mind begins to feel bored I try to crack the mystery of the S2 finale of BBC Sherlock entitled The Reichenbach Fall.  I plan to rewatch all of the episodes soon, but just for fun, I decided to enter the three “hint” words that the creators of the series just gave out into an anagram engine.  The results are pretty fun. The words, which correspond to the titles of the 3 episodes in S2, are “woman”, “hound”, and “fall.”

Awful Ham London
Nodal Human Wolf
And Human Follow
La Man Wolfhound
A Damn Fun Hollow
A Human Old Flown
Lawman Hold Of Nu
Handful Am Low On
Had Faun Moll Won
Had Alum Flown On
Hand Alum Flow On
A Flaw London Hum

They then added the words “rat”, “wedding” and “bow” to the mix.

Bad Wronged Wit
Brand Widow Get
Add Brewing Two
Dead Brown Twig
Traded Bow Wing
Dated Brown Wig
Grand Bet Widow
Windward Begot

And with all 6 together…

A Baa Gilded Downturn Flown Whom
A Baa Domed Downtown Flung Whirl
A Baa Molded Window Flung Thrown