The good folks (Thanks, Meghan and Holly!) over at Viking were kind enough to send me a copy of FOR ALL THE TEA IN CHINA by Sarah Rose to giveaway on the site.

Book: Hardcover | 5.51 x 8.26in | 272 pages | ISBN 9780670021529 | 18 Mar 2010 | Viking Adult | 18 – AND UP
So, to win this book:
1. In the comment area below, tell me about your favorite flavor of tea, and why you like it.
2. Leave your email address in the following form: name (at) domain dot com — so we can avoid spammers.
3. Watch for my review of this book coming soon.
4. Go make yourself a delicious cup of tea!

10 thoughts on “CONTEST: Free Book”

  1. my favorite kind of tea is anything fruity. i LOVE fruit, so i think it only makes sense i love it in my tea too! it also doesn't matter if it is black, green, oolong, or mate.


  2. Two teas compete for the title of My Favorite Tea. The first is a loyal, ever-ready old reliable, while the second is an unattainable, long lost darling. The first is Twinings Earl Grey. For me, this classic hot tea represents comfort, home, and tradition. I've been drinking it with my mom for as long as I can remember. We like to sip Twinings Earl Grey together in the kitchen looking at Southern Living and Vanity Fair magazines, making sure that plenty of cream and sugar are on hand. This perfect cup of hot tea is usually served with a side of buttered Sunbeam toast. It is also a particular favorite in the cold winter months. If I want to feel safe, comforted, and at home, then Twinings Earl Grey is my signature tea drink.
    My second favorite tea is the passion berry iced tea served at Lulu's Cafe on Beverly Blvd in L.A. I partook of this lovely libation nearly every weekend at brunch. Served in mammoth sized plastic diner cups brimming with chunky ice and a tall black straw, this fresh fuchsia beverage held the perfect balance of thirst-quenching energy and sunny relaxation. It was an ideal sipping drink while sitting at the sidewalk tables of the little cafe and people watching as the hipsters and celebrities sporting toy dogs (and in some cases, sex knots) trolled by to get in line for some of the best brunch in town with decent parking. To me, the passion berry tea at Lulu's reminds me of enjoying one of many luxurious, seemingly never-ending SoCal Sundays with a drink that was sweet, smooth and just energetic enough to remind me of why I loved California.

  3. I started getting into tea in a major way when I hit grad school. The first tea I ever had and its still one of my favorite at the Savannah Tea Room is the Dragon Pearl Jasmine. It has a light floral taste and I love to watch the pearls unfurl in the hot water. It tastes like honeysuckle when you add the simple syrup.

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  4. I can't pick only one! In herbal, Yogi Ginger, Stash Ginger & Lemon or Licorice. Yogi does make some great herb teas. For everyday black, Masala Chai.

    If I am feeling flush with cash, I'll go for darjeeling or Ceylon or Lapsang Souchang.

    I love the subtle flavor of white tea.

  5. Stash Chai Green Tea. Delicious chai taste, green tea goodness and a good hit of caffeine. Yummers!

    optingout at gmail dot com

  6. my favorite kind of tea is anything fruity. i LOVE fruit, so i think it only makes sense i love it in my tea too! it also doesn't matter if it is black, green, oolong, or mate.


  7. My favorite cup of tea is black tea…It has more to do with how I make this cup of tea. An English lady I once cared for told me there are 2 ways to make a cup of tea. If you were, let's say, more upscale, you would put your milk and sugar in before you added the boiling water…it made the tea creamier, and of course was the proper way to prepare the tea. When I have this tea, I think fondly of my special English friend, and that is what truly makes it a grand cup of tea:-)
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  8. My favorite kind of tea is Genmaicha ~ green tea with brown rice. Sounds odd, but it's delicious. When I moved to Philadelphia almost 10 years ago, I worked in a cafe that served this tea. Drinking a cup of Genmaicha takes me back to that period in my life.


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