Ever read a book and thought, “That character is a real, well, character?” The best books make characters seem so real that we might expect to meet them around the corner or begin to imagine they really did live, once upon a time. These are the characters that I think would have highly entertaining social media feeds, should they ever make the leap to reality.

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Lydia Bennet – “What a good joke it will be!”

The girl is a complete wreck but I have a feeling her Twitter would be a riot. Sometimes watching others implode is entertaining.

Reginald Jeeves – “It is hardly my place, sir, to criticize the facial peculiarities of your friends.”

I would imagine that dear Jeeves could run a fabulous sartorial blog with plenty of beautiful photos and tips for dressing well, cooking meals, making cocktails, travelling well as well as dispatches from delightful country weekends.

Charlie Chan – “Truth is rare fruit in garden of murder.”

The Charlie Chan of the books is a much more subtle and thoughtful character than the detective portrayed on film. His aphorisms have a wisdom not found in the fortune cookie lines in the movies.

Abbe Faria – “Philosophy cannot be taught; it is the application of the sciences to truth.”

The priest you teaches Edmund Dantes to read, sword-fight, and indeed how to remake himself has his own amazing backstory. Anyone who can keep themselves amused in prison for a dozen years can probably maintain a great Twitter feed.

Flavia de Luce – “One of the marks of a truly great mind, I had discovered, is the ability to feign stupidity on demand.”

This spunky teenager, who also happens to be a brilliant chemist and solver of crimes, never fails to make me laugh. I would love to read her treatises on why stupid people are useless and enjoy her photos from small town England.

Count Rostov – “Fate would not have the reputation it has, if it simply did what it seemed it would do.”

I want the count to have an Instagram account with amazing photos and stories of everyone who works a the Hotel Metropol.

Erast Fandorin – “When money is the cornerstone of everything, it is the end of genuine art!”

He can be a bit overly emotional and angst ridden, but nonetheless I would enjoy following his drama from afar.

Keita Mori – “Clockwork doesn’t bark all the time and it’s easier to take on a ship.”

The enigmatic Japanese clockmaker is part of the brilliant imaginings of Natasha Pulley’s world. Mori is quiet but wise and I would love to see the photographs of his secret observances.

What character would you like to follow on social media?


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