Normally I take a photo of the book itself with some sort of set or prop relating to the story.  This one is a bit different — and quite special.
While traveling in England, my husband and I made sure to stop at 221b Baker St in London.  There is a fabulous Sherlock museum that is quite hands on and is full of fun details.  I took dozens of pictures there but it wasn’t until I was looking at them at home that I noticed something peculiar. Framed and hung on Sherlock’s bedroom wall are photographs of various criminals (I think).  Among them is picture of Frank Muller, associated with the crime highlighted in this book.  He hangs almost exactly center of this photo.

Can you identify any of the other ne-er-do-wells pictured?

My review of Murder in the First-Class Carriage: The First Victorian Railway Killing goes live 10/21/11.  The book will be available in the US on 10/27/11 from Overlook Press.