Armchair BEA 3

Somehow it is already time for Armchair BEA again! Cheers to the lovely folks who organize this virtual get-together each year. It’s always great fun.


City Hall and Factor’s Walk (c) MWGerard

Tell us a bit about yourself: How long have you been blogging? Where are you from? 

I began blogging about books nearly seven years ago. I’d been writing film reviews, posting my photography and writing about other random things before that.

I didn’t know you could get FREE BOOKS for writing reviews! Once I started, I didn’t stop.

I’m based in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. It’s a magical place.







What is your theme song?

Ok, first one that popped into my head is One for My Baby (and One More For the Road). I’m a Johnny Mercer fiend anyway, but that song has so much. It’s heartbreaking, it’s a lullaby, it’s nostalgic, and it’s soothing. And the lyrics are just killer.




Title page

What is one book everyone should read?

The Count of Monte Cristo. It’s amazing. It has everything — pirates, intrigue, spies, romance, gypsies, treasure, history. And I think everyone should read at least one book that is 1000 pages or more for the sense of satisfaction you get. By the time I finished Monte Cristo I could have read 1000 more. I wasn’t ready for it to be over!









What book are you reading right now?

I’m already reading multiple books at once, but the two main ones at the moment are Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and Meet Me In Atlantis. 

They made a TV mini series of Strange, so I am trying to finish it before that comes out in June. I know — the book has been out for 10 years and I’ve always meant to read it. Nothing like a deadline to make you get things done, right?

Meet Me In Atlantis is a delightful memoir / anthropological study of the legend of the lost city and the various attempts to find it. It’s a great mix of history and light-heartedness.



If you were stranded on a deserted island, what author would you want to bring with you? Why?

It’s a toss-up between PG Wodehouse and Jane Austen. They are both brilliant and witty (and British), but in different ways.





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  1. I love how you set up your intro! Great meeting you! Georgia is a state I’d love to visit. Happy ABEA!

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