I was a bit late to the Armchair BEA train, so I was not assigned an interview to do.  I can, however, direct you to two interviews I have done in the not-so-distant past.
My interview with Sarah Rose, author of For All the Tea in China.
It’s an amazing book on a long-lost history of corporate espionage.
Sarah is a freelance travel writer, and amusing “twitterer.”  You can follow her at @thesarahrose.  She was also very encouraging to a newbie reviewer, like me.
I interviewed Ben Greenman on his book Celebrity Chekhov, which slightly altered classic stories by inserting modern celebrities.  
I also interviewed him about “Letters with Character”, an interactive site that invited anyone to write a letter to a fictional, literary character.  
As anyone who has corresponded with Greenman knows, he answers his emails and queries so quickly, he must have wifi imbedded in him somewhere.  You can follow him on Twitter as well at @bengreenman.

In terms of a favorite book blog, I’m gonna have to go with The Olive Reader, and its main blogger, Erica Brooke.  
She is funny, informative, helpful, and accessible.  Who doesn’t love pictures of cats eating tacos!  You can follow Erica on Twitter at @ericabrooke and @harperperennial

I’m also going to give a shout out to author Shane Jones (Light Boxes).  His blog is atypical and his tweets can be even more abstruse, but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

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