SMall Plates

This collection of short stories is quirky, funny and just the right size. Each tale has its own tone but the book wallows the same mood throughout. Page manages to knit together stories that are dastardly and ironic, some with a Twilight Zone twist. The opening story, “The Ghost of Winthrop”, reads like a Mary Roberts Reinhart adventure.

Eliza had been known to banish individuals from her Sunday dinners for crimes ranging from voting for the wrong party to planting gladioli, flowers she detested. There were no gladioli banking the coffin, Faith noted. She turned her head slightly and looked back at the Winthrop pew. Winthrops had been among the founding families of Aleford some three hundred years ago. Since that time, the Winthrops had migrated into town, colonizing Beacon Hill and the Back Bay — when it was filled in. Winthrops did not claim to walk on water, despite what some of their detractors might say. ~Loc. 141

In “The Would-Be Widower” a retired couple looks back on their marriage.

She was a cute little thing then. “Petite” not “short” — she was quick to correct anyone who made the mistake. She was quick to correct any mistakes, Mr. Carter discovered shortly, not petitely, after their marriage. ~Loc. 785

And, as if the collection itself isn’t fun enough, Page includes recipes featured within the stories. This is a thoroughly enjoyable collection and Page’s writing is so strong. Her voice is firmly established and confident, making these odd stories even better.

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Small Plates: Short Fiction by Katherine Hall Page
On Sale Date: May 27, 2014
ISBN: 9780062310798
$24.99 USD
Hardback Fiction / Short Stories (single author)
William Morrow 240 pages
6.000 in W | 9.000 in H