This is an amusing collection of disparate thoughts, all compiled into a handy guide (of sorts). Some languages have words for which there is no easy translation (see: Schadenfrude). Giordano turns this around and describes the feelings themselves. The reader has very often been in that position and can easily relate to the lack of adequate lexicon.

Here are a few:

180: The yearning for historic stature

285: The aversion to getting out of bed in this rotten weather

296: The joy when the UPS guy rings

398: The happiness of finding the favorite scarf you lost

609: The impatience for the Easter egg hunt

793: The hope that the cat will hold still at the vet

809: The infuriation with the DJ at the wedding

854: The worry whether the car will make it to Disney World

Many are funny; some are more thoughtful. It is suggested that one reads a few before bed each night, rather than the whole book in one sitting. Some of the entries are a bit repetitive (there were three all relating to over-tipping the waiter). It’s a light, enjoyable read. Some will even be tempted to create new words for the definitions.

Thanks to Penguin for the review copy.

ISBN 9780143125280
256 pages
06 May 2014
8.26 x 5.51in
18 – AND UP
Mario Giordano – Author
Isabel Fargo Cole – Translator
Ray Fenwick – Illustrator