What do you do when reality isn’t real? When your perceptions are manipulated? What if it was an evil spirit or a haunted house that was doing it? Some of the most unnerving books are ones where the line is blurred and narrators are unreliable. 

Gillespie & I
Jane Harris

This is one of my top five books of all time. It is surprising at every turn — and I’m not easily surprised.Nor am I easily impressed, particularly when it comes to books.  The writing is fabulous – both in style and in storytelling. My review

The Silent Companions
Laura Purcell

It is a mysterious, Gothic story that unwinds slowly through diaries, memories, and theories. There are no ghouls jumping off the page. The fear lies in the unknown and for the (un)reliability of sanity. My review. .

The Burning Air
Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly’s third novel puts a modern twist on a classic archetype:  The English country house mystery.  This is a chilling psychological tale, told from a number increasingly unreliable narrators. My review

John Harwood

Weary, windswept, and wet, a young woman arrives outside Tregannon House, an estate-turned-asylum, with little memory of how she got there, or why. This is a Gothic novel with everything — madness, captivity, a manor house, letters, solicitors, paranoia, family secrets, inheritance and mistaken identity. My review.

The Face Thief
Eli Gottlieb

The story revolves around a brilliant con-woman and her marks, but it is more than cat-and-mouse game. Multiple narratives twist together to form a story of identity and suspense. My review

The Orphan Choir
Sophie Hannah

This may be the creepiest thing Hannah has written yet. The author so deliciously gaslights her protagonist that the reader can’t help but be taken in as well.  The reader knows to be careful but it’s impossible not to slowly lose touch with sanity as the story goes on. My review

The Ecliptic
Benjamin Wood

Wood’s characters are continually grappling with the anxiety of influence, paralyzing themselves entirely. In his newest novel, the characters are an overwhelmed group of artists who have fled to a secretive colony on an island near Turkey. But what really happens comes out of the blue. My review

What book had an unreliable narrator or a big twist that really got you?