Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

The best books make characters seem so real that we might expect to meet them around the corner or begin to imagine they really did live, once upon a time. These are the characters that I think would have highly entertaining social media feeds, should they ever make the leap to reality.

Top Ten Tuesday: Ghostly winter reads

There is a contingent of readers and writers trying to bring back the Christmas tradition of telling ghost stories around the fireplace. After all, A Christmas Carol is really a ghost story, and Christmas does fall during the darkest time of the year. And with the Icelandic tradition jolabokaflod taking hold here too, a good stack of ghastly reads is just the thing for the season.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite authors, unread

It’s a joy to find an author you love, and then discover they have other books out, just waiting to be read. Here are some favored authors with an impressive list of titles that I simply haven’t had time to read yet.

Top Ten Tuesday: Leaving for other worlds

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is bookish worlds we’d want to live in, or at least visit. Since I have spent most of my life imagining other worlds, this should be a cinch.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books that take place in another country

Sometimes the best plane ticket we have is a good book. It’s certainly the most reliable time machine (so far). I love reading about far off places, especially ones I want to see for real, someday. Here are some of my favorite books that live in another place.