Some people believe that Halloween is one night a year when the spirits can come back to  wander among the living. So it would only follow that it is the best night to have a seance to try to contact the spirits. 

The wildly famous and successful magician Harry Houdini, who spent years debunking false mediums, died on Halloween night. He wanted to believe in the afterlife and he promised his wife that if he could come back he would contact her with a secret phrase. Bess held vigil for ten years each year but she never heard from Harry.

Houdini’s widow Bess waiting for a sign from beyond

She did claim one year to have heard from him, but later admitting she lied because she missed him.

Some of the mediums that Houdini busted used complicated physical tricks like cracking toe joints and “expelling” phosphorescent cheesecloth. But being the amazing stage illusionist he was, he recognized all the tricks.

I highly recommend the book The Witch of Lime Street that chronicles one of his most intense investigations.