Photos of Brompton Cemetery in London. I took these on our honeymoon in the summer of 2011. Brompton is more symmetrical and manicured than other cemeteries, in the area, like Highgate. Opened in 1840, Brompton is one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries established in the 19th century. At nearly 40 acres, it is also a wonderful haven for flora and fauna. There are a number of surprises to discover in a wander. It’s the resting place of Dr. John Snow (Broad Street Pump cholera outbreak), Emmeline Pankhurst (vigilant suffragette), Hannah Courtoy (time machine mausoleum), Robert Fortune (plant hunter/thief) and Fanny Brawne (John Keats’s fianceé).

(And you might recognize it from the first Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law.)

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