Halloween was often a time for fortune telling and silly games.  A 1929 Halloween party book outlined some games to play.  This is one I had never heard of and was suggested for school:

Each child is told to make a wish. She is then blindfolded and told to turn around several times. She must stand perfectly still while the bandage is removed from her eyes. If she sees the moon (on the blackboard) over her left shoulder, her wish will come true. If she sees it over her right shoulder, her wish will not come true. If she sees it directly in front of her, she will receive a gift. If her back is turned to the moon, she will live to be very old. If there are many children, let several of them be blindfolded at one time, for they simply adore this game and will want to play it several times.
From 1929 Party Book

And this one for parties:

Use a large dish with an equal amount of dried corn and beans. Empty it on the floor and the guests are to grab as much as they can, but boys gather the corn and girls only gather the beans. The one with the most wins, but 5 points are deducted for each wrong kernel or bean.
Dennison’s Party Magazine, October-November 1927