Thank you everyone who entered to win a copy of FOR ALL THE TEA IN CHINA by Sarah Rose

The winner of this fantastic book is LISA, from NH for her story about tea and an older woman she was caring for. 
She wrote: “My favorite cup of tea is black tea…It has more to do with how I make this cup of tea. An English lady I once cared for told me there are 2 ways to make a cup of tea. If you were, let’s say, more upscale, you would put your milk and sugar in before you added the boiling water…it made the tea creamier, and of course was the proper way to prepare the tea. When I have this tea, I think fondly of my special English friend, and that is what truly makes it a grand cup of tea.”
Enjoy the book in good health, Lisa.
And look for my review, coming soon.

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